Makuri Technology Pte Ltd

Makuri Technology Pte Ltd is an Asian based, Singapore registered, company that is a specialty designer and manufacturer of advanced, and in many cases unique, wear liner systems specifically for the mining industry.

Anywhere high value minerals are being mined and processed, Makuri Technology allows you to extract the maximum performance from your equipment. Significant reduction in operating costs/tonne can be achieved by using our unique installation, materials and designs, which are in a continuous improvement cycle to meet the ever-increasing demands of you, the end user.

Makuri Technology has developed and holds a number of patents for advanced liner design and installation technologies.

The Makuri name and logo is taken from the ancient Japanese art of making the most effective, battle proven, Samurai swords possible. This is achieved by using soft cores and hard outers in the design and fabrication of these unique swords, which allows them to withstand extreme impact whilst still retaining their cutting edge performance.

This ancient, but timeless, counter intuitive use of hard and soft materials can be seen in much of the design philosophy and technology being used by Makuri too.

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